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Black Omega replica Speedmaster watches have attracted many collectors, especially for popular timepieces with classic sports watches from brands like Rolex or Omega. Many even performed aftermarket work on the timepieces in order to make them painted black. The response from brands is getting stronger, and the Dark Side Of Moon by Omega's Speedmaster is part of a larger effort to offer more options that more consumers seem to want. So whether you like the benefits of a ceramic watch or the look of a black replica watch, the Omega replica Speedmaster Dark Side Of The Moon has a lot of interesting things to offer. While I am very enthusiastic about it, one of the drawbacks is the price. It has a clear advantage over comparable steel models. You will definitely get some special parts, but the price difference is noticeable. The Omega replica Speedmaster "Moondust" (aka "Grey Side of the Moon") comes with a very unique dial made of solid platinum with a beautiful shimmering look that resembles the dust on the surface of the moon, hence its name "Moondust" (also known as the "gray side of the moon"). The dial has a faint "Pt950" light engraved above the central hand pinion, the seconds hand at 9, the coaxial hour-minute seconds hand at 3 and the date aperture at 6 o'clock, with a contrasting red nib that matches the red "Speedmaster" branding on the dial. " branding on the dial. The dial also features a rectangular raised application marker with a superluminova wheel and a black minute track. The hands and markers are perfectly matched to the color of the case.

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch 311. Mens Titanium


Originally introduced in 1957, the Speedmaster was originally used as a racing replica watch. However, as the watch was worn by the first men on the moon in 1969, it is now known as the iconic "Moon Watch" and was selected by NASA in the early 1960s as it passed all the test criteria. Built for space use. The original replica watch was a manual movement, as many of the newer models of automatic movements did not work in zero gravity. The Omega replica Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon, made of a single piece of black zirconium oxide (ZrO2), is the most visually striking and technically sophisticated chronograph ever produced by OMEGA. Its epic name refers to the lunar hemisphere that is forever turned away from the Earth, also known as the "other side of the moon". Launched in December 1968, Apollo 8 was the second manned space mission of the U.S. Apollo program and became the first manned spacecraft to leave Earth's orbit, reach the Earth's moon, orbit the moon and return safely. The crew, all wearing Omega replica Speedmaster Professionals, were also the first to see the back of the moon. So the story goes, and according to OMEGA, this is how the name came about: "The Apollo 8 astronauts were the first to see the dark side of the Moon with the naked eye. The black ceramic Co-Axial Speedmaster pays tribute to their pioneering spirit and to the Omega replica Speedmaster Professional Chronograph worn by each of the Apollo astronauts." The replica watch indeed tries to resonate with the Apollo XIII mission in 1968, when man first saw the "dark side of the moon" with his own eyes. This was NASA's first manned space shuttle mission to leave Earth's orbit, reach the moon and return home safely. Thus, these astronauts were indeed the first to see the Moon in this way ......

Specific Description

Let's establish a guideline; this is not a traditional Moonwatcher. This 41 mm hand-wound non-chronograph in steel and acrylic Omega Speedmaster Professional is a historical replica of the collection. This freed the designers of the Omega replica Speedmaster Dark Side to create a "concept watch" with uninhibited styling and modern technology that would make a moonwatch look like a pocket replica watch in comparison. Starting with the 44.25mm black ceramic case, the dark side of the Speedmaster Moon is made entirely of kiln-fired materials that are scratch-resistant (and virtually impervious to impact). A matching tachymeter scale and sapphire crystal - neither of which is available on the moon replica watch - make the "dark side" look appropriately smooth and sinister. Like an alien invasion, the Omega replica Speedmaster Dark Side exerts an overwhelming force. Its deep black aesthetic is the first wave, and the beautifully finished glossy dial is a "mop" strike. Intense, rich and coated in glossy black lacquer, the dial of the Dark Side is the soul of the watch. The dial reveals an endless space of luminous depth, providing the ideal backdrop for the mirror-polished 18-carat white gold hands and the applied white gold indexes. At six o'clock, a small date window with a color-coordinated black dial offers discreet practicality. In the ceramic mothership, the Omega replica Speedmaster "Dark Side of the Moon" features a technology that would make Zeta Reticulan proud. In the Omega's internal caliber 9300 Co-Axial Chronograph Chronograph is equipped with all the latest toys of the Swatch Group. The stunning COSC Swiss chronograph grade, silicon balance spring, column wheel function selector, vertical clutch chronograph, 60-hour power reserve and ultra-precise Co-Axial escapement. 9300 and its non-chronograph 8500 case are OMEGA's first movements designed from scratch, featuring Dr. George Daniels' revolutionary Co-Axial escapement. After more than a decade of refinement, this technology had gained the theoretical advantages of short-term precision, long-term rate stability and reduced wear and tear. How can collectors be sure of this? Because Omega offers a four-year warranty on this movement, which is unparalleled in the luxury replica watch industry. This Omega replica Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon retains all factory protection after being purchased new with an activated factory warranty in early 2015.

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