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Omega fully understands that to be successful, the black ceramic version of the Speedmaster will need to be true to the Speedmaster in every other way. The Omega replica Speedmaster "Dark Side of the Moon" offers a pure Speedmaster experience in a new material - I think this is the key to the model's popularity. The words "Dark Side of the Moon" on the back of the Omega replica Speedmaster case will always tell the owner that this is a special model. You don't often see major brands give their more exotic timepieces names on their cases. I find it really cool that Omega decided to put the name back on the edge of the case - considering the expansive sapphire crystal window that looks into the movement, there isn't really that much room. Another unique element of the Omega replica Speedmaster "Dark Side of the Moon" is the strap. Unlike other Omega replica Speedmaster models on bracelets or alligator leather straps (for high-end 18k rose gold models), this one features a black Cordura strap, a coated fabric that provides the leather lining here. On the inside of the strap is some red contrast stitching - just a hint of red on the dial.

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch 311. Mens Steel


They are both powered by Omega's latest in-house chronograph caliber 9300. While many people describe the 9300 as a chronograph version of the 8500, that's not the case. I think its revision is so significant that it does not even include the complexity of the chronograph to the extent that it is simply an extension of the 8500, but we will delve into the substance of that argument in the movement section. The point is that it is an integrated chronograph with an Omega (and Daniels) coaxial escapement and silicon hairspring, as well as a double barrel that retains 60 hours of power. It is arguably one of the most sophisticated chronographs in the world. When the original Planet Ocean Liquid Metal came out, I was fascinated by its extremely polished but dark dial. Looking at the dark side of the moon today, the similarities are striking - they both use ceramic dials and carry the chemical name Zr02 on the dial. As a result, the "dark side" has a certain reflectivity - on its own, you won't see reflections, but it still has a high reflectivity and a perfect smoothness. First of all, I would like to point out that taking a picture of a chronograph can be particularly complicated. Generally speaking, the chronograph seconds hand is positioned very high up on the dial, so a small change in camera angle will produce an off-centered hand, so you'll see the seconds hand move to the left or right of the marker, depending on the angle at which I'm shooting, and remember, there's no reason to panic - both are focused in real life. Perhaps because the dial and case are so dark, the luminous accents do jump out even in all-day light. As a rule, you don't need polished hands on a true black dial, opting instead for brushed ones that are actually incredibly clear - clearer than the average replica watch - due to what looks like a matte white sheen in normal lighting. Chronographs use a double coaxial design. This usually means that relatively little time can be recorded (due to the lack of a chronograph's hour hand), thus limiting its functionality, but in these Omega watches, the hour hand has not been removed. Instead, the hours and minutes of the chronograph are located on the same subdial, as if they were seconds hands. The result is a very clean and symmetrical dial. The dark side of the lunar dial is not a tool replica watch, and for this reason it is too elegant and polished. Nonetheless, it is tactical. The use of ceramic is once again visually fascinating. If you have seen the PO 2500 in liquid metal, it is very similar to it, or perhaps to the Grand Seiko SBGR083. It wouldn't surprise me if you chose the "dark side" instead of the "gray side", mainly because of the dial.

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Following the legendary Omega replica Speedmaster Speedwatch Moonwatch in zirconia ceramic, the Speedmaster 'Lunar Dust' or 'Moon Side of the Moon' was launched at Baselworld 2014 as a successor to the highly sought-after Speedmaster 'Dark Side of the Moon'. Side of the Moon', the successor to the highly sought-after Omega replica Speedmaster 'Dark Side of the Moon', the year before. Like the 'Dark Side of the Moon', the 'Grey Side of the Moon' is fitted with a zirconium oxide and zirconium carbide (ZrO2 / ZrC) ceramic case with a diameter of 44.25 mm and a magnificent grey alligator strap with grey rubber perforated with Appliquéd, the back lining is adorned with red color-clashing stitches and a matching ceramic pin buckle. The distinctive gray-brown color of the Omega replica Speedmaster "Grey Side of the Moon" resembles the color of the image reflected on Neil Armstrong's helmet visor when he walked on the moon's surface in 1969. The unique color of this ceramic case is the result of a complex The reactive plasma process, in which the initially white ceramic case is oxidized, has resulted in a color never before seen in the replica watch industry. To be clear, this ceramic case is not color-coated, but completely discolored by a chemical reaction, as you will see in the pictures below, even though the core of the case is the same color as the exterior. The ceramic case of this replica watch is very light (the total weight of the watch is only 91 grams) and very well made. The new Omega Co-Axial Chronograph Omega replica Speedmaster "Moondust" (also known as the "Moonlight Gray Face") once again redefines the iconic design of the moon replica watch, whose name evokes the mystery and allure of space in a flawless way. This beautiful and extremely hard case features satin-brushed finish areas that intersect and contrast with the highly polished edges of the case top, lugs, bezel profile, case back, pushers and crown. The top of the bezel with laser-engraved tachymeter scale is also satin-brushed.

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